Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, I have recently started a new job so I am working 2 so not much time for riding, however I did play hooky from one and go ride Lini. She appreciated it. She was stretching into the bridle so amazing!

Oh we did canter the other day! NO STEERING in the canter which means she is completly not ready, she gets stiff and hollows out but...its so smooth, cant wait to see how smooth it will be when she is collected...

Well I have many pictures I will try and get my paws on to upload...maybe a hunter pace just for a nice walk and trot since those are doing fantastic...but NO JUMPING :(

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lini walked up to me!

So I still have been having some minor trouble catching her...till Saturday. She walked right up to me and let me rub on her and take her out of the paddock!

I was so amazed. I was going to ride her but instead I took her out and let her graze!

I am so proud of my little Lini!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bored Days at Work more Stallions!

Saint Sandro
Stunning '07 Premium Oldenburg Stallion
He is small only 16hh but that boy is not done growing... wonder if he is homozygous black...then maybe a bay or a black...hmmm
Check his video out on youtube under Saint Sandro
Shhh...he is Dam is an ARAB!
However his sire is: Stedinger
Very handsome 17.3 Oldenburg cute!
On a different note, Lini is doing fabulous! Its raining today so no riding :( I signed up for classes and school starts tomarrow! Time to get my LPN prereq. done, I need to get on the ball and get a degree and have a career. Besides I hope to be able to work in L&D, or NICU, maybe PICU. Older kids are harder than babies...
Cross my fingers all goes smoothly

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lini is home

She is home! So nice to have her there. My dad says ya she likes me and "WoW thats a nice lookin horse"

He doesnt know much but she gets prettier every time I look at her. The neighbors keep comin up to the fence trying to get a good look at her but she doesnt pay any attention to them. They have minis next door. I may see if she can go over there sometimes so she doesnt get to lonely all though she may not be lonely.

The other neighbors horses were nickering at her like crazy! We went on a ride and the poor app wouldnt be quiet! Drove me nuts! But Lini payed no mind to them. She was just happy to be out and about. I will have to post some pics of our ride..

Oh and I bought some alfalfa she doesnt seem to like it much so, I am thinking fescue or Coastal, Fescue is CHEAP here and seems that everyone feeds it here. So I may just give it a try thats what she was on before.

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth I did. Ill post that later cause that is a story with no pictures sadly! :(

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sometimes I am CRAZY

Sometimes I get these crazy thoughts about breeding Lini...In 2 years...or when I buy my own farm. (I hope to be pregnant too) So it seems it work out nicely. But just browsing are some stallions I have come across.




Buckskin and White Tobiano

Pinto & Dilute Genes

He is appoved for TASHR, AWR, & RSPI (SBII)

To tell the truth I dont know care about the registries.

Anywho: Check him out at

If I ever breed Lini I will hope for color, size and movement. Dont get my wrong my Lini is a cute mover but, I would love something with a lot more talent. Maybe I am crazy. But the color I would like to have is either, paint, grey, palomino, great if it was a buckskin...but hey who knows I have lots of time to get her to were I want her and lots of time to pick the perfect stallion. After all whom ever I choose will hopefully give me a nice jumper prospect!
Anywho thats all for now, I will probably post random ones now and then, after all it doesnt hurt to dream!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lini moving to Mamas!

Lini is moving to my parents house. I have been filling in holes putting up a ghetto fence with polytape.

I realized for the amount I can afford right now, no one meets my standards of care. So I am teaming up with a local trainer...she is awesome BTW and we are looking for a farm to lease. Hopefully we will find one soon so I can get on the ball. I have a great insurance company that does everything! Thank god.

I suppose I am just to picky. I mean the pasture she is going to be in at my parents wont be the fanciest thing or the nicest but it will be doable and she will get quality..

Her coat is getting dull from the crappy feed. She is fat and happy, just not shiny like she used to. The farm feeds Nutrena Triumph to all there horses...hate to say this but they all look like crap. So I am taking my mare home and gonna start her back on Legens Sweet feed (textured) like she was on all her life...she looked gorgeous then.

The only problem is there isnt much I will have to invest quiet a bit of money in to hay. I am thinking of Alfalfa, thats what all my horses where on in NC and they did wonderfully. Maybe even a orchard mix. Something that I believe is going to be worth my money. I wont have to feed her as much because its a rich hay. Coastal...bales are way to light and I think there good for horses that have lush pasture.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally Pictures!

All theses pictures are from her first ride..she is really stiff to the right so we are working on bending and getting on the bit. Video but havent figured out how to put it on yet!